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hands tingling numbness several surgeries no help

Started by jeff.frank on 10/13/2011 7:56am

I have been fused from C3 to T1 I have all the bones removed from the back of c3 –c6.
My hands are driving me nuts they constantly tingle and are numb, especially around the Thumbs. Feel like my hands want to draw in from thumb to little finger. I just had another CT scan on neck and they tell me it looks good, just also had Nerve test and it also came back good. My neck guy says it is not my neck must be Carpel tunnel my nerve guy says no carpel tunnel its coming from my neck?????????? I a have been to Emory and saw the best neck guy in the country he says he see no reason to operate, already had several surgeries to fix hands with no help why do it again. I feel like it is my neck, I can force myself to look down and I feel it in both hands! I am running out of options, thinking about trying Acupuncture. Anybody have any suggestions both hands are driving me nuts.

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I have never had and bones removed in my spine but I also have tingling/numb shoulder, arm and hand. I've had one session with my Chiropractor so far and that helped some. Also had acupuncture before and it seems to provide temporary relief from pain for various parts of the body.