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MIRACLE THERAPY THANKS TO DR OZ dgd, piriformis syndrome, splondy etc

Started by anahis66 on 03/06/2012 10:56pm

Let me start by saying I'm a physical mess at 49 thanks to many car accidents (not my fault) and hyepermobility disorder. The later made me a great gymnast as a kid but now my muscles have to do what my ligaments were supposed to.... basically hold everything in place.
I've had cervical surgery due to whiplash & my spine surgeon wants to fuse my lower back. My pain management Dr says no because it will compromise my other discs and aggravate my SI Joint disorder. Along with the severe DGD, SI Joint Disorder etc I also have Piriformis Syndrome. I've been on & off disability since 2008 and seriously considered being put on permanent disability. Steroid injections didn't work & wreaked havoc with my metabolism & endocrine system. I'm, now 100lbs overweight and can't seem to lose it no matter what. I have to exercise because if I don't my thighbones pop out of socket thanks to the loose ligaments. When I do exercise I can't go on any kind of incline walking because my piriformis syndrome will cause HUGE deep tissue butt cramps that have me rolling on the floor in pain. If I walk the compression causes sciatica. Walking in the pool causes my broken discs to slide over the nerves. Like I said I'm a mess. Then I saw Dr Oz's program about PEMF (see PEMF.com) TO BE CONTINUED

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My chiropractor researched it, felt the science was there and ordered a $15k mat for me to be the guinea pig. I go 5 days a week for 20 minutes a day. First I lay on my back for a general treatment that is 8 minutes. Then I lay on my stomache and a PEMF board is placed on my lower back which concentrates the pulsated eloctromagnetic waves at that location. All I feel is a little tingling all over my body at with the first, then just in my lower back for the second. When I first started it did cause some minor nasea but that was only for 3 sessions. MY PAIN IS noticably reduced in 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe that it will be brought down to a point where I won't need pain meds. I'm able to walk 3 miles on the treadmill at level 4 incline with no cramps and very little hip pain. MY SI Joint pain is greatly reduced. My DGD will always be bad and the pain will never go away but I think it will be minor!!! I"M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED and wanted to share this with you all. BEWARE OF FAKE PEMF mats as there are a lot of them out there. Really do your research but by all means try this therapy. It's a MIRACLE