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medication shortages causing havoc

Started by AZDee on 04/11/2014 1:21pm

Greetings, I am new to this site and hope I will find others who are in the same boat.
In Jan. of this year it suddenly became very difficult to fill prescriptions for certain narcotics such as oxycontin and oxycodone, vicodin and morphine. This is happening in AZ, Cali,Mass, and ind. patients are being told they can not refill and the just have to try everyday to see if the pharmacy has the meds. This is crazy. The reasons are varied and every store has a different version of the whys.Bottom line is that the DEA has interjected into health care.
I am collecting data for an article on this problem.If you have suddenly been unable to fill or refill please let me know. if so what meds, what state, and any other info you might want to share.
I will be posting a reading list in my Google blog and will be happy to share the data so far.

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Hi there,
What I am experiencing is the doctors not wanting to prescribe my Norco anymore as it has become very difficult since they changed the class to require a written prescription. I cannot live without some pain meds as without them I have no quality of life. Just living on my couch crying a lot...



I am so sorry to give your discussion a dislike. My big finger hit the dislike by mistake. I Love this discussion.

I too have found that it is difficult to get my Norco. I live in rural Pennsylvania. Last month my pcp and I had a talk about my health, pain levels, quality of life and how my low level pain meds were not helping me. She went onto say that since she was a PA, that she needed an MD to sign off on the Norco. Norco was given to me after my laminectomy with fusion back surgery in November. I found that it has help tremendously with my other spine issues. DDD, DJD, spinal stenosis, resthelosis, OA, all my vertebra in my spine but 3 are degenerating. She could only give me a half months supply. This month I called and knew of the new rule that I needed a written script every month for the Norco and I had to come in and pick it up. Instead, I found that I would need to see a pain specialist.to prescribe the Norco.

I said REALLY! A pain specialist (aka more money)! I have an appt for one in the city in two months (that long!) I live in the country where we don't have the fancy specialists at every corner. How is he going to help me. He doesn't even know me. I have had my doc for eleven years. She knows I'm not crazy about taking medication. She was the one that showed me that I don't have to live in pain. I exercise, had therapy, surgery, yoga, meditation just to name a few.

So as it stands now, my pain has a hold of me once again. My quality of life has diminished some. Even my husband has noticed. I can't work even a part time job. Had to retire early. Now this, adding insult to injury.

I just don't understand. Where we live, near Pittsburgh, UPMC and Blue Cross Blue Shield there has been a fight and a takeover of sorts with a certain health care provider, UPMC, who has and is devouring all the competition in the area.
They tell us who we can and cannot see. I had to change my old healthcare provider of 30 years to the jackal, I lovingly call them. It has been nothing but a nightmare since. My back surgery was the worst.
And now my pain meds. WHAT NEXT, my blood.

Sorry so long. All I want is to have back my old health care provider who truly allowed ME to make my own choices on drs. And meds. I want my husband to have a wife who is happy and pain free, even if it is Norco that helps me stay that way. And most of all . . . I want the DEA to stay out of my life. Go after the people who would rather be on drugs and not have a life and give me back mine so I can go on with my life, without pain.

So Dee, I want to thank you for this discussion. It is one subject that truly needs to be addressed by all who want a life but live it pain free.

God Bless You Dee!