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I have lower back pain

Started by 100001953129996... on 09/05/2014 1:01pm

I am 35 years old female . I am suffering from lower back pain from last 2 months. Due to heavy lifting in work place. First few days I had rt leg sciatica than it got better now I have lower back pain. First I used Tab Voltral and physio therapy. I got better. ( if I do nothing) than I had long flight and it came back. I did MRI and got L5/S1 Minor disc desiccation. disc height preserved and no evidence of disc herniation or nerve root impingement. L4/5 No abnormality. L3/4 Mild posterior central disc bulging with focal T2 hypersensitivity posteriorly consistent with smalll posterior annular tear. No evidence of disc herniation or nerve root impingement. L1/2 No abnormality. Now , If I don't do anything am fine but I cant sit for longer or lift weight. I can't stand for longer too. what are best options for me. My job requirements are to stand for few hrs. Plz help

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Hi, well many years ago, I had that kind of pain, came and went, depending on what I did, as the years went by, I got worse and worse and could do very little but was afraid to have surgery as all I got was negative advise, every Dr. scared me, Then in 2010 I found a Dr. Chad Prusmack from Rocky Mountain Spine clinic, who looked at me and said straight away," I can fix you," you are not living a quality life, Let me fix you..! It was the L5 S1 that was the real problem. I said OK, I had the surgery and I did as he told me, first thing, get up and walk every day he said after ward. I did, faithfully, and I have been good and problem free and able to do whatever I wanted for four years now, however I have over done it and caused my self grief, but in the long haul of things, I felt grateful for no more pain..