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Repair of Annular Tear after discectomy

Started by 102061992741346... on 09/12/2015 2:05pm

After reading all available information on the length of time it takes for an annular tear to heal itself, I find myself back at square one.
I will be going into surgery to remove a herniated disk (L4-L5, Level 5 tear) in a few days. There is a little information on how long it takes a Level 1 - Level 4 tear to heal, but nothing available on how to repair the posterior annulus, and the attendant hole which is left after removing the herniated disk. Does anyone have any experience or information on the techniques used by the medical community to repair the annulus fibrosis once the herniated portion is removed. Also, are there homeopathic (vitamins) remedies that will assist in the vascular healing of this area?

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