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Severe back pain and disc hernitaion

Started by adel hamdi on 03/02/2016 4:27am

Good morning everyone
I wanted to share my experience with you.

I am a very active sportsman, used to heavy and intense exercices (kick boxing, karate, weigh lifting, football...).
Last year (march 2015), when doing deadlift I felt a very sharp pain that went worse with time. Having never heard abut disc issues before, I thought it was a muscle issue requiring some rest. Couple of days after, the pain became so serever that I could hardly stand up. So to cut it short: doctor, pain killers... My situation improved a bit but I was still fealing numbness and continuous pain in the leg. After having done physiotherapy, the pain almost disappeaed, and couple of days after I found myself in the gym, running, lifting and kicking.

One day, after a 1 mile race I felt a very sharp pain in the lower back, like hunderds of knifes stabbing me everywhere. I understood it was serious! Couple of days after, I could not walk at all, no psoition could releave me. Pain killers had the same effect as candies. I had back spasm, a very high tension on all my muscles, and I cannot yet stand straight.

After having done the MRI, the doctor in charge advised an immediate surgery as the hernitation was extremely severe.
I looked for a second opinion, a doctor who advised physiothrepay. It did not really help. After one month of unbreable pain, I went for a last opinion, I found a clinic speclaized in spine decompression. Today, I did 8 sessions and I have to say that I improved so much since. The pain dispappread from the legs, and I have some pain in the lower back only, plus a chornic difficulty to stand straight.

I wanted to share my experience with you.
1) First prevention is the best solution. Know your body and its limits and you can avoid many issues!
2) Surgery is always an option. But before get different opinions.
3) Give a chance to physiotheray and never abuse with pain killers. Decompression seems to be really suitable for this kind of issues.
4) Get a good bed and adopt good sleeping positions
5) Avoid stress, pumper yourself with massages and relaxing activities
6) If none of that works, surgery can be explored.

I wanted to share my expereince with you, wishing it will help some to prevent future issues, and some other in pain to hopefuly get relieved and at least get some hope!

Last, I am learning from my experience that life, health at the easisest things in the world are not granted! Life is a gift, our body is an engineering miracle and we have to enjoy every day, every second, be good to people. One day, walking one meter seemed to be like lifting moutains! It happened to me, it can happen to anyone! Health an blessing for all of you.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with the community. I'm glad you've had relief from some of your pain and disability! I'm wondering if the decompression treatments have helped with symptoms only, or do you think they've corrected the underlying problems? Have you had a follow up MRI? What kind of doctor do you have who does decompression? Sorry for all the questions! I'm just curious about the details! Best wishes!


As far as I know, decompression will give long term results on the underlying issues giving the disc more chances to go back to its normal place and hpefuly heal.
The main priority with the lower back issues is first to gradually reduce the symptoms (pain, spasm, inflammation..), then gradually strengthen the core muscles and give time/chance for the disc to heal. In my case. I had a severe damage and the nucleus polposus spread along the canal. Decompression could reduce the pressure on the disc and the gelly material could retract back, and with time the leaking area can naturally seal.

So i am still in the beginning of the process. the crippling symptoms (unbreabale pain, numbness, inflammation) are almost gone. I have now an experienced physiotherapist coming over and we are doing stretching exercises. I will doucment that hoping to be able to share it with all the community. In this stage, stretching is extremely important.

I am based in Dubai, I go to the American Spine Clinic and you could easily see what they offer as services, hoping you will find similar services where you live.

I was scheduled for a surgery this Sunday, but now surgery is the lasat thing I would think about. As I said, patience is key, and if it does not work, surgery will always be there as a last option.