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Severe pain (cervical?) but imaging shows nothing

Started by becc1183 on 03/05/2016 11:42pm


Since Christmas time, I've been experiencing significant sharp pain in my lower neck that shoots into my shoulder blade area and upper arm with some numbness and tingling of fingers all on the left side. As a healthy, active, 32 year old I've tried every alternative treatment I can think of. Several attempts at acupuncture and therapeutic massage all made it more painful. Chiropractic is hit and miss, sometimes helping sometimes making it quite a bit worse. Much to the surprise of the neurosurgeon I recently visited, xrays and MRI showed no abnormalities. Frequent icing and ibuprofen help take the edge off but don't get rid of the pain.

We're going to continue to try and identify the cause with some additional imaging, EMG, etc. however I'm interested in any feedback from anyone who has had any similar symptoms without it being something obvious on the imaging (e.g. not an issue with a disc). What did you get the most relief from, and what did you identify as being the cause?


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