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Back Pain

Started by Viswanath on 08/21/2017 7:09pm

My daughter who resides in San Fransico Bay Area has been suffering from back pain and has just got an MRI done and the report reads as follows:
1) L4-L5 disc desiccation , posterior annular tear and mild disc bulge with compression of the existing left L5 nerve and slight caudal firaminsl encroachment with intraforminal nerve compression
2) L5 -S1 mild disc desiccation , left posterolateral disc ostensibly
Complex measuring at least 4 mm with mild foraminsl stenosis
3) L2-L5 focal left paracentral 3mm protrusion . There is also partial desiccation of L3 L4 disc with central annular tear and minimal bulge . All other discs are intact without hermiation
4) Loss of lordosis and straightening of the spine

I have no medical knowledge and I would like to know how serious is her situation and what is the immediate remedy . She is just married 4 years ago and was planning to have a baby . I am seriously concerned and wanted your expert opinion

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Hello, Viswanath--thank you for taking the time to visit our Community and post!

We know this may make you feel helpless, but we think the best thing you can do, as a parent, is to encourage your daughter to discuss her MRI findings with her treating doctor. While the MRI report provides detailed
information, there may be aspects of your daughter's medical history or physical exam that require equal consideration with her MRI report.

Viswanath, we know this doesn’t answer your question, but we hope it is helpful to you in some way. We hope your daughter receives clear answers and a path forward soon!