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Adults that have gotten fusion for scoliosis?

Started by Ittakesmagic139 on 11/27/2017 11:26pm

Hello all. I am new to the forum but trying to get as much information as I can. I am 30 years old with scoliosis and 2 spinal curves. K saw a specialist as a kid that is one of the best in my state. At the time he said constantly how he didn't want to do surgery on me. I was in a "gray area" since it was so much of my spine they would have to fuse. I have done pain management in the past (narcotic pain meds and onjections) but have not done anything for a while. I haven't actually had any x rays or treatment for a while. However, I am aware my curve (at least upper one) is worsening and fast. (A few years ago I went to a walk in and the nurse asked me to "take the towel out of my shirt". It wasnt a towel, it was my ribcage pushing out....the look on her face was interesting to say the least). Anyways, since then I have just dealt with it all. But it is coming to the point where I am having difficulty breathing after going up stairs, unable to sit, stand, or lay in the same position for long. It feels like when I lay doen, my ribcage touches my hip bones/pelvic bones....i am looking into finding a surgeon, but my age and the amount of my spine it is makes it difficult to find one. I am curious of what peoples experiences were getting fusion at a higher age. Especially if anyone has the two curves like I have? (Last stay I have records of, before the rib hump, upper curve was about 52 and lower was in the mid 40s ish. I do have rotation in spine and hips and issues with si joint and sciatic nerve as well). Or does anyone have any experience with adult braces like scolismart? (I've read really good and really horrible things about them....), or any other suggestions on ways to help with the pain and that without surgery? I have done chiropractic in the past (right now any touch to my back hurts horribly. Even light touch so I'm worried about that right now), physical thwrapy, tens unit, injections....some helped slightly/temporarily but any advice or experiences of those who have had the fusion would be appreciated!!!!

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I too am waiting for a reply about surgery question. I have the same “hump” at times it looks like a rump roast as I am petite. I am having surgery on the 12th of Dec. to fusion from T10-full lumbar. I hope we both get some replies to our questions. I am in Florida and having Surgery at the University of Miami Neuroscience surgery.


Hi all. I live in Australia and had an operation for scoliosis in 1965 i was fused from T4to L3 and had Harrington rods inserted. I had rotoscoliosis like you and my thoracic spine was curved near 100% and the lumbar near 50%. You need to find an orthopaedic surgeon as your breathing indicates your lungs may be getting a bit squashed. Dont be scared as I was one of the first to be operated on here. You can have an operation if you put orthopaedic surgeons into google or there are a lot of info in the internet who can advise and help you. On facebook there is an American one called spinal fusion successes and forgotten. . I hope i have helped a bit but you need to find a good doctor. I know there are a lot in America orthopedic specialists. Your doctor is misinformed.