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The "care" seems to be missing in Health"care" these days

Started by TPepe on 12/20/2017 11:03pm

I am new to California and the whole Doctor's decide who they will see and not. The thing of evaluating my case to decide if they will see me is all new to me. I moved from Washington state, where the doctors are picked by the patients. Not like here were the patients are picked by the doctors. A large part of the determining factors seems to be who your health insurance carrier is.
Or in other words, how much will they get paid for dealing with me as a patient. I have seen 2 doctors regarding my chronic and fairly sever lower back pain and neither of them looked past what was or more specifically, what wasn't on my MRI.
The 2 doctors that I have seen looked at the MRI and that was their final and determining piece of information they used, Apparently the only thing that Really mattered to them , because once they looked at that it was all about how I would be better served with treatments such as cbt or biofeedback. And truly, no offense to those treatments - I think they they are absolutely valuable and excellent forms of treatment - in the right circumstances. But when you are in REAL PAIN that ranges from base of 4 to 9 the last thing you want to hear is that maybe you would feel better if you change they way you THINK ABOUT THE PAIN.
So, yeah - No! pretty much doesn't matter how I think about it or what i thin of it - the PAIN SUCKS!!!!

What sucks even worse - no one hearing you, no one helping you, no one understanding or putting in the slightest bit of effort beyond looking at the pictures from an MRI and using that as the all determining reason of treatment decisions. Isn't there supposed to be more to it than that? Isn't the MRI only supposed to be a PART or Piece of the information evaluated to manage and HELP a patient??? Oh wait, never mind, I figured it out - they have no interest in helping you, just themselves and their checkbooks. or so that is the way it feels.

How do you get them to listen? How do you get them to look past just the MRI images? How do you get them to look closer, look deeper and actually try to find the reason for your pain instead of handing you off to someone else to deal with the patient .

It is so frustrating and confusing when you have received 2 reviews that resulted in surgical treatment plans and 3 others are completely against not only surgery but medication to alleviate pain so the patient can sleep, or drive, or walk to the bathroom without tripping themselves because their leg is tingling and numb.
How can 5 doctors look at essentially the same info and come up with such different recommendations? Ranging from surgery to learning to think about the pain differently so it doesn't bother you as much. Which btw, I would also like to treat the problem NOT just the symptoms. is there any one out there like this still in medicine??

desperate and angry

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I totally agree with just about everything you said. It has become very hard to find a doctor that will treat your specific problem and not just throw you into the same "box" as everybody else. I will not go back to a doctor who only looks at my MRI and never asks me any questions or examines me in any "hands-on" way. I want a doctor who says to me, "I've seen your MRI, but I want you to SHOW me where you hurt and tell me how it feels." Don't just settle for a doctor just because you have given up looking for a good one. Keep looking. I came upon a website called healthgrades.com. I searched all over that site looking for doctors with good reviews and who were specializing in my specific problem.

I also agree with you that this "biofeedback" is total nonsense. You can't "think" yourself out of pain! My impression of something like that is they throw that at you because they either don't know what else to do, or they can make more money by wasting time on that nonsense instead of focusing on what is causing your pain and then offer something that could really help you.

I know what you are going through. It took me five years to finally find a neurosurgeon who was trained in the type of minimally invasive procedure that seemed acceptable to me and one who would actually talk to me and tell me what was going on in my back.

Good luck with this.