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Nerve pain

Started by Dkroog on 07/24/2018 3:15am

Hello, I had fusion T10 - S1, june 25, 2018. Question for anyone who has had back surgery, when does the. Cramping, nerve pain stop? It is. Not fun when you get woken up at 3am with terrible pain in your. In your legs and not want to go back to sleep because of the pain. Even after is subsides.

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Hi, Dkroog--thanks for your question! We are sorry to read that you're experiencing nerve pain after your spine surgery. We've read many accounts of patients experiencing nerve pain after spine surgery, and it can be incredibly frustrating to endure during your recovery.

Is this nerve pain similar to what you experienced before your surgery? If so, it takes longer for your nerves to heal after surgery than, say, your muscles. Since your spine surgery was in late June 2018, it may take a few more weeks or months for your nerves to heal.

If this nerve pain is a completely new symptom that arose after your spine surgery, we urge you to discuss it with your doctor (you don't have to wait to talk to your spine surgeon about it until one of your scheduled follow-up appointments).

Finally, we'd like to share this article with you, as it may help answer some questions about why you're in pain after your procedure: ( I'm in Pain Now—Is My Spine Surgery to Blame? ).

We hope your nerve pain subsides soon and we wish you all the best.


Hi I had L4-5-S1 fused in 2010. It was atleast a month before I could walk any distance. I worked on my recovery for 3months then was forced back to work. For myself the first month back at work was probably ine of the hardest things to do. I used pain medication to make myself tolerable to my job. It takes time for your body to heal and adjust to the new hardware and inflexibility.
I now have my L3-4 herniated. It happened this last April trying to clear snow from my driveway. Tried pt and had injection with no relief. I wanted to have another fusion but my doctor talked me into having Stem cells injected into my disc. He said I have a degenerative disease and I was a perfect candidate for this procedure. Had this done last week in June. My symptoms before were pain in lower right side down my leg. Now my symptoms are lower back both sides down both legs and into my feet. Wished I had fusion again.