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Help with unbearable lumbar nerve pain

Started by LynnH on 10/19/2018 1:48pm

Due to an old, untreated , evidently rather severe lumbar spine injury, I find myself suffering from, at times , unbearable pain. Complicating by, I'm relatively certain , osteoarthritis &/or RA. I also took a cancer drug , Arimidex, that is known to exacerbate RA. I saw a chiropractor, and x ray revealed , in addition to the old injury, severe degenerative disease of L4-L6. Also undiagnosed scoliosis. Whew! I've treated pain with heat, cold, nsaids, & muscle relaxers. I cannot take anything with codeine or codeine derivates. Nerve pain radiates to upper thigh, front of calf, & front of ankle. I have a high pain tolerance, but the pain is so severe at times that I become nauseated & feel like I am going to pass out. Please help with advice as to the most effective course of action. I refuse to let this cripple me. Thanks.

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I suffered from Sciatica for years, until my right leg was on fire. I had L4-5 surgery, which revealed the pinched nerve from the MRI, but they also said I have stenosis, and they found a cyst on my tailbone they were not aware of. Major infection set in 2x, 3 surgeries in 6 week span, however searing ended after 1st surgery. I did get a Staff infection, then 2 weeks after got a strep infection. Now, 20 years later except for medium low back pain (due to Polio as an infant) I am fine.