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L5-S1 Pars Defect Spondylolithesis and Yoga

Started by zoellervl on 11/22/2018 10:18am

Hello, just wanted to start a thread to encourage any feedback, I have just found out I have L5-S1 Pars Defect Spondylolithesis Grade 1 and I have received many opinions (Neurosurgeon, Ortho, Chiro, PT, RYT), basically the main consensus is I do not need any surgery, potentially never will, but I will be limited for the rest of my life.

I am extremely acrobatic and active in advanced yoga, 5x a week 90 min Hot Bikram flows, handstands, deep backbends, etc. This has been crushing news because I am only 30 and my flexibility and exploration of the depths of my body is my Everything, to be told I will be limited for the rest of the time that I exist in this body has been super devastating.

Of course my mobility and the ability to walk is more important to me than showing off how bendy I am in King Pigeon or Camel pose. I am here to seek out anyone in the Yoga world also with this condition, what are your limitations? What experience have you had with this?

Very grateful for any input!

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