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L5 S1 disc bulge

Started by Sashi on 12/30/2018 6:04am

Symptoms started in Jan 2018.. Back tightness and was unable to walk. Cortisone injections and couple of epidurals worked but was not able to walk for more than 10mts.. Dec of 2018 before Christmas started to have severe pain and started to crawl. Doc again administrated some fluid shots and pain was ok but could not feel my left foot and numbness little bit of calves muscles and thighs and gluteil.. when I touch my left foot for massage I have burning sensation.. I am scared about the numbness and burning sensation on my foot.. Do I have nerve damage? Will physical therapy help ?? My docs have recommended dysectomy..

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Hi, Sashi--thank you for your post. We are sorry to read about the low back pain you've experienced over the past year.

We are not doctors, but it sounds like the symptoms you're describing--numbness and burning--may indicate some nerve damage or compression.

If your doctor recommends surgery, we think it's a good idea that you learn as much about the procedure as you can. The articles below offer a good overview of traditional discectomy: ( Percutaneous Discectomy )
( Surgery for a Herniated Disc )

We also urge you to ask as many questions as possible to your doctor prior to agreeing to surgery. One good one to ask might be whether your procedure could be performed minimally invasively, as these procedures often boast smaller incisions and quicker recovery times. You can learn more about minimally invasive discectomy (or microdiscectomy) via the links below:
( Lumbar Discectomy: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery )
( Lumbar Discectomy Performed in an Outpatient Surgical Setting )

If you need other suggestions for good questions to ask your surgeon before agreeing to a procedure, this resource offers some great examples: ( Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor )

We hope this information helps you learn more about your surgical options, so you can make an informed decision that keeps your best interests top of mind. We wish you the best!