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Broken Back

Started by Hleisure on 01/07/2019 3:03pm

I broke myself in half 32 years ago sled riding I was paralyzed for 4 months and in a circular bed. They used two Harrington rods and spinal fusion from my hip to put me back together. It took awhile, but here I am walking, carried two kids, ride a Harley, horseback ride pretty much everything I am not supposed to do lol. I am starting to have alot more pain in the lower part of my rods, can they come out? How long is the recovery? I do not take pain pills, I never had, thanks to my dad who did not want his girl to end up with another problem, but it is starting to make be feel like a great grandma and walking funny cause it hurts, has anyone else thought about having rods removed. Any one done acupuncture for pain?

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