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Started by Rebeca Pinto on 01/17/2019 4:01am

Hey guys, I noticed a lot of people are in pain because of this, so I thought my experience is relevant and can offer help to some people too.

I was backpacking through Uttarakhand, India back in Oct 2016, I felt a sharp momentary pain in my lower back. I was lifting a 20 L bucket of water and it hurt. I was closer to the Himalayas amidst local natives but far away from a hospital. ( Imagine 50 km to consult a doctor in a hilly area). It wasn’t a muscle tear or injury, because the pain had come back. Constrained by my situations, I had to consult a village healer who asked to lie on my back for several days and controlled my diet. I consumed local vegetables and fruits and herbs which grew around the place I stayed. Natural healing for sciatica was a joke till then for me. The villagers came along to help me in my daily chores and made sure I was fed on time. (I couldn't walk to the bathroom too) I was given an injection for pain relief from the local pharmacy. Apart from that, I was careful and paid time for the body to heal (20 days straight on the bed). After that, I was able to travel again and finish my journey happily. Once I reached back home after a month from the incident, I was doing fine, so I thought I could continue the same treatment. I came down to North York and approached Dr. Weisberg of Downsview Chiropractic. What a fantastic listener I would say, we spent a lot of time together to channelize how this healing wouldn’t affect my continuous on-site work as a Civil Engineer. And till now I have been doing well though it was difficult to adjust to new changes in my daily life. Pranayama and yoga became a routine. But I was better off than being treated surgically.

If you would like more information, you can ping me here. If you have similar stories that would be great too!

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