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Surgery for Herniated Disc c3-c4-c5

Started by Djcutty1 on 02/09/2019 8:00pm

Hi guys,

I will try to be short.

Mid June 2017, - woke up with pains, felt like a stiff neck. Pain lasted 2 weeks and got worse. Started Physical Therapy, no improvement but got worse.
August 2017 - I demanded an MRI, they found out I had the Herniated Disc between the C3, C4 & C5 regions. Started taking Inflammatory meds, no improvements.
October 14th 2017 - had a Cervical Epidural. Got some improvements until no pain at all 2 weeks after.
January 2018 - pain came back. Physical Therapy again and no improvements.
February 2018 - go worse. Woke up in the middle of the night many times in pain and unable to turn because of the pains in my neck, shoulder, and arms.
March 2nd 2018 - 2nd Cervical Epidural. Midnight that night I started hiccuping. Hiccups never went away.. a few weeks after I was hiccuping a lot per minute and sometimes being unable to catch my breath, then I would throw up and hiccups would stop. This was off and on and continued til around til around the 24th of the month when I realized I can’t work no more being I was driving and sometimes can’t catch my breath. Between then and now, they focused on the hiccups which I tried over 25 meds, did numerous procedures, all the home remedies and none worked. MRI, CT Scan shows nothing but my Herniated Disc or severe pressing on my nerve root as my Neurologist just said in an email yesterday after I took a 3rd MRI 5 days ago & today is now 2/9/19

I get 40 to 55 hiccups per minute all day almost everyday with hiccups in my sleep sometimes.

I requested a telephone appointment with the surgeon to request surgery to correct the Herniated Disc with a possibility that both my pains would go away and maybe the hiccups. He previously suggested a Vagal Nerve Stimulator for the hiccups. I am 95% against it because there is no chance it might work, and highly dangerous to take out if it doesn’t work.

Sorry, wasn’t short huh? :( My apologies.

One more thing is that my pains have been minimized and also comes and goes since the hiccups started late March 2018

Questions finally.-

1. Anyone had the surgery for Herniated Disc in those regions?

2. What type of surgery was it and any success?

3. Anyone ever had these intractable hiccups like I do and found a cure for it?

4 . And does anyone think that the Herniated Disc is causing the hiccups? Hiccups relates to the diaphragm and the C3, C4 provides sensation and movements to the diaphragm. But no literature shows that this may help.

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