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C-5 Bone graft fusion with metal plate and screws

Started by Papbouv on 07/17/2010 11:24pm

Husband fell at home 2 years ago only symptoms were sharp searing pin in fingers,hands & arms swelled up to the elbows. Three days later at the hospital they found he had a broken neck (the doctors words exactly) The Neurosurgeon did the Bone graft at C-5-6 also the plate and screws.He also said my husband had Ankylosing Spondylosis no blood tests were done.Husband neck always bent forward some we thought it was due to him being a Welder.
The Neurosurgeon that did the surgery left the practice another took over the case he said the Bone graft never took husband was to wear the hard cervical collar 24/7 even to sleep in.Lost his job,health insurance now goes to the VA all the VA says not Service related so they do nothing.The second
Neurosurgeon said if he falls he will be dead or a Paraplegic ?
Doctors sure do not care about patients any longer they do as little as they can get by with now what does my husband do?????

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I can relate to your experience!! I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis 18 years ago so my coming to a C 5-6 fusion was alittle different from your husbands, but the outcome was the same! After 9 years of severe sympyoms similar to that of your hubby it was decided that I should go and have two discs taken out in the location above. I was to have a plate fitted and the two discs replaced so that my neck would be fused. I warned the specialists that I had Ank Spoyn and they blithly went ahead with the op. The end result was that upon opening me up they found I had AS so couldn't perform the full op.After the op they told me that they couldn't fit a plate because I had AS and this would result in the screws not taking as the bone was honey-combed. They did remove one disc as this can be done without a plate. As a consequence I have been left with a disc pressing up against my spinal cord with constant symptoms you expressed. The future entails a regime of painkillers for the rest of my life with no further ops possible. Should I dislocate my neck through whatever means there can be no more ops. Climbing stairs and ladders is now out and I have to take great care not to fall as I will not be able to be treated! Much the same as your husbands prognosis. What I'm really saying is that the advice you have received is probably correct but I hope I have been able to shed more light on the part that AS will have played in your hubby's situation! Sorry that I can't be more helpful but I am sure there are thousands out there like us! All the best to you both.