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Bobble Head nap mistake!! Hurt locker for the neck!! updated

Started by 1724581942@facebook on 07/05/2011 9:12am

A few years ago my hubby bought me a really nice and comfy office chair for my computer time. I love this chair, but I have been in a major "hurt locker" for almost 3 days due to my stupidity!

The chair like most office chairs can be locked erect, or allowed to lean back a bit. I made the mistake of falling asleep in it with the recline position allowed. It doesn't recline like a recliner mind you, so if you fall asleep, your head tends to fall forward - not a good way for a neckie - especially the lower levels to nap!

I did a 'Bobble Head' like nap, and man-o-man-o did I pay for that laziness on my part! My neck is still stiff and sore, but my pain got so bad I didn't eat (nothing would stay down), and didn't post. I'm one that I hit 7 and above, posting is not on my list to do! I don't know how some saying they are 9 or 10 can post...wow! I guess lesson hopefully learned. (G)


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That's and interesting story. I have that exact type of office chair and I can see how that could happen. Good warning to all those that do and have back and neck problems.