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Adult Scoliosis

Started by DebsBears on 12/06/2012 6:19pm

I am new - so a little back ground - June 2011 I had a 7 vertebrae cervical fusion C3-T1, with rods and screws, crossbars. Laminectomy from C3-T2. I had problems with the hardware from the get go - my body didn't want it in there. Sept. 2012 I had all the hardware removed because I was totally fused. No problems with the neck other than the Cervical spondylitis.

I do have a host of order health issues but for the back it is DDD, Facet disease, spinal stenosis at the T5,T6 levels.

Present problem I now have an "S" shape at my thoracis - so my Dr ordered a total 36" X-ray to see what is going on right. To everyone's shock I also have Interposition of intestines between the right hemidiaphragm and liver, adding to my complication.

Can the intestines be causing the Scoliosis?

Does anyone else have scoliosis and a misplaced intestine? All but 10" of my colon was removed in 2010 so we know it isn't colon in my chest.

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