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Trying to interpret x-rays of lumbar

Started by dammie1 on 03/23/2014 11:46pm

After my doctor gave me a cursory review of my x-rays, I obtained a copy from radiology because of reference to kidney stone. I was curious as to which side I should look forward to pain. As it turns out I actually have them in both kidneys. But the report also revealed some things I didn't understand and have not been able to find out through my own research and was hoping for some help since my next appointment isn't for several weeks.

It started out with: "There are small twelfth ribs which would make for 5 lumbar type vertebral bodies."

Next sentences I understood: "There is severe multilevel degenerative disc and spondylosis changes. No subluxation nor wedge compression fracture. Bilateral nephrolithiasis."

Last sentence I didn't understand: "Dextro concave lumbar curavture with apex as L2 and measuring 16 degrees."

Thanks to anyone who can assist in interpretation.

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