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please can anyone help me?

Started by kickas on 04/25/2014 7:40pm

Hi everyone, i am new to this site but i have horrendous neck pain with ankylosing spondylitis and i just wondered if anyone knows anything that coukd help me at all as i am at my wits end!!!! Thankyou :)

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I would highly recommend you to go to professor Lill in Muenchen Germany, since the neurosurgeons in this country are still ruining people when they fuse the neck.. After 3 cervical fusions 2x anterior and 1x posterior ..I would not send anyone to any neurosurgeons in this country.. Still after 3 fusions I was in horrible pains on the right side of my neck.. I was in Germany where they tried to teat me , which it helped , but the problem was still there. Since German specialists wanted to remove the hardware ( posterior ) , I was sent from one surgeon to another...They were all skeptical to create more of a mess than was created in Chicago by 3 different surgeons..I had no choice but to get back here , with the hope that a good neurosurgeon would remove the hardware . Little did I know that this doctor , was going to create a gigantic problem that not even Morphine or oxicontin takes away for a couple of hrs I found out around 9 month after the hardware removal , from a pain specialist and and a neurosurgeon, that my neck muscles haven't been put toghether right and some of them are also disattouched from my neck. The pain specialist wants me to go to a neurosurgeon ( friend of his ) to try and correct my muscles, but now I am very skeptical to go again for surgery in this country!!.. My life does not exist anymore, but with my last minimum hope, I will have to travel to Professor Lill ( Germany ) and this time I will even have to travel first class hoping to make it there before my body gives up on me. I beg you not to go here in the U.S.A. since here they will make you believe that you are going to be better 70%... It is not TRUE.. It's all about money. In Germany at least they work with artificial discs , where here ... No way in the world.. You can also go to Switzerland or Innsbruck ( Austria ) They are very disciplined and very professional.. And yes I should have listened, in 1998, to this doctor that did my MRI in Germany..". Do not have surgery!!!! But you have to have a lot of patience " Then I came here with my husband ( U.S. military ) and I got worse so I went for the first anterior fusion.. A mess and so on...Now I wish I had stayed in Germany at least they were keeping me well with cortison shuts..I don't know how I will end up but. I do not feel good 24 hrs. Just if you plan on going to Germany to this professor I mentioned above ., You could let me know , so maybe we could go togheter at least you will not go alone , unless some relatives will takes you.. I hope so much that you will make this trip.. It will not be easy and believe me ..I know!, but this is where I am heading to in ab. a month...