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Failure of titanium rods (broken x's 2)

Started by debfwill1 on 07/28/2017 10:03pm

I have currently had 13 back surgeries , from laminectomies, discectomies, spinal fusions, removal of old hardware and placement of new hardware only at.new space and developed a 50 degree scoliosis, rods and screws from T4 to S1 and broke titanium rod at T12 with extra fixation from T4-T12. I now have broken another rod in my lumbar area. With all of my surgeries I have had 5 surgeons. I have been wondering if there could be a defect in the titanium rods since the rods and screws were placed in 2014? I broke the 1st rod broke 12/2016 and surgery 2/9/2017 and the last one broke 7/14/2017.

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Hi, debfwill1--thank you for your post. We are so sorry to hear about the instrumentation problems you've experienced. In terms of understanding whether the rods are defective, do you know what company manufacturers them? You could ask your surgeon if you don't. Once you know the manufacturer, you can reach out to them via its website and explain your situation (some companies provide a customer service email address while others have a contact form on the website). Most companies are very receptive to customer feedback and will respond directly to you.

We hope this information helps and wish you the very best of luck!