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MRI Result: Minimal lumbar spondylosis

Started by miszy on 02/07/2010 4:40pm

Please someone help me understand the result of my husband. I am quite worried we have the result the other day.

From T1-12 through L2-3 the intervertebral discs, central canal and foramen have a normal appearance.
From L3-4 Mild bilateral facet and flavum hypertrophy with small posterior disc bulge. Patent central canal and foramen.
L4-5: There is a moderate to severe bilateral facet and flavum hypertrophy with a posterior disc bulge. Finding result in mild central canal narrowing and mild narrowing of bilateral inferior foramen.There are small small bilateral facet joint effusion.
L5-S1 Patent central canal and foramen.
The visualized abdominal aorta is normal in caliber.
Large anterior L4 benign vertebral body hemangioma
Mild spondylosis most significant at L4-5 with a mild central canal and bilateral foraminal narrowing.

Thanking everyone in advance.

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I know you want people to comment, but this really requires a doctor to explain. Can your family doctor explain these to you in an appointment. If it's spondylosis you're interested in, take a look at this article, it's quite good: Spondylosis (Spinal Osteoarthritis) Center

I hope this helps a bit, and good luck!


Its a shame these results arent written in english. I tried to disypher my MRI results and most of the words werent found in Webster's dictonary! Try searching the words on this site, Im finding alot of mine here, it helps a little.