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I have had 4 back surgeries

Started by mtony on 02/19/2010 4:13pm

I am 37 year old and have had 4 back surgeries, starting with my first one in Oct 2007 and ending with my last one in Nov 2008. I had herniated between L3-S1 I asked the surgeon to fuse these areas together, which in turn he told me I was way to young for a surgery like this. I lost my job just before my last surgery and now I am on Social Security, and goto college full-time, hoping to someday I will be able to go back to work. I have just made a appointment with a new Nero-surgeon hoping he can help me with my problem. I have now started to have problems with not only my leg pain/ back pain. I have also started having neck pain and when I sneeze my arms and hands go numb.
Can anyone give me so advice please???????

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Have you had a fusion yet?? Find the best surgeon in your area and get that fusion !! They take a while to heal, and you will need meds, but after 3 months you will be amazed at the diffrence.
I am a very young 68 and dammit, won't let a few screws in my back stop me.........


Try seeing a Pain Specialist before having the Spinal Fusion. I had a Spinal Fusion in my L5 S1 and then had problems after that with my other disk. The doctor is right you were too young at the time of not doing the Fusion. I was about 36 years old at the time. (1996) The thing with Spinal Fusion is that the disk above will be doing all the work, because the fusion is more less not movable and the one above does all the work. Also, if you do the Spinal Fusion ask where will the bone be harvested from. If its the hip area, mine is breaking down and I just learn this 4 months ago and now going to the Pain Specialist to build the tendon back up.


Hey did you ever call the Neurosurgen after this letter? I had a spinal fusion back in 2003, but prior to that I had 3 before the fusion. Now after 2004 numerous injections and i mean numerous and due for spinal fusion about the first fusion on the L3 and L4. I too have all the symptoms you do plus the neck, which is C&7 hernitated and my hand gets numb. I was wondering was it hard for you to get Social Security Disability. I had my first injury in 1993 and continue to this day. Any advise with that SSD.