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Spine curved almost overnight???

Started by srcloudnine on 03/24/2010 3:25am

Im a 24 year old guy for starters. Never really had any back problem, just some neck and shoulder problem from a car accident in 2007 but nothing i cant live with.

About 3 days ago i noticed my back hurt really bad when i woke up, i just figured i slept wrong and ignored it. next day i had a lot of walking to do with my back pack as im a student and i walk almost everywhere. The pain continued that day, but i still assume im ok and keep going. I like to think of my self as i can always keep going.

Well last night i was getting ready for bed and noticed in the mirror im leaning a inch to the right (shoulders are still straight as normal i think) but my ribs are sticking out on one side and my hip on the other..... So i ask my girlfriend to take a look and my spine in the lumbar area is like ( C ) in the area. The rest is almost straight, just that one part is bent, curved like a s or something.

My dilemma is i dont have medical insurance right now and want to know if/ what i can do. Thanks in advance.

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You're the first guy I've ever seen with a similar experience. I'm 41 and when I was 24 my chest started to hurt right at the sternum one night - out of nowhere. Then in a couple of days time the left side of my chest popped out a bit and the right sunk in a bit. I went to a number of doctors and they all told me it was there all along and I never noticed it before - that spines of healthy, 24 year old men don't just suddenly move without cause. Told me there was nothing to do about it but that I shouldn’t worry because it wouldn't get worse.

It didn't get worse until about 3 years later when it moved a little more then stopped; and then a few years later did the same thing and started to hurt in my upper back. Every time it started hurting and moving again I would start seeing doctors and every single time they told me they could do nothing and nobody believed that it was new – that it hadn’t been there throughout my childhood. I finally got someone to run tests and they found a curve and rotation in my spine between my shoulder blades, but unfortunately said the same thing – they could do nothing.

After that it stayed the same for about 10 years and last week it moved again – overnight – worse than ever. My sternum is now no longer in the center of my chest - moved to the right. I've got pain in my ribs all over and it’s like I can “feel” my spin twisted. Laying on my side, the left side of my chest pops way out and the pain is significant... and I’m still told that there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I was fit when I was your age and this happened. I haven’t kept myself that way though and I think that's caused it to progress, though it doesn’t explain why it happened in the first place.

So, no really good news here for you; but some info and hopefully some good advice based on my experience… Don’t worry too much about not having insurance. Western medical doctors will do nothing for you unless your spinal curve is severe, and then they’ll just want to give you surgery. They have, without exception, told me that they cannot help except to give me Vicodin.

Look at alternative treatments now while the problem is new and keep yourself lean, and your back strong and limber. There's a kind of yoga called iyengar that is specifically focused on body alignment which I’ve heard is good. There are also other forms of treatment that some subscribe to but it’s difficult to know who to trust and some things appear to work for some people but not all.

Good luck to you. And please let me know if you do find anything helpful out. I'll be sure to do the same.


Sounds like you could have a bit of scoliosis/kyphosis/ or similar developing after your back got hurt in the car accident. Trauma can cause these conditions. Get your GP to give you a referral to a spinal surgeon for an Xray and checkup.
Or you could do the forward bend test for scoliosis. If you bend forward and you can see a rib hump you have a bit of scoliosis.
Best of luck,


Hi - I discovered my scoliosis at 16, had major fusion with Harrington Rod. The only advice I can offer is try swimming if it's too painful to walk. My surgeon told me to do a lot of walking and I can say he was right. Once I stop or don't get to gym, my lower back is cranky. There are braces they can use to prevent your curve from getting worse. I would suggest seeing a scoliosis specialist - don't wait because it could get much worse and may start affecting organs like your lungs and/or heart function. Also, try hanging and use your weight to relieve pressure on the discs.


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that responded and give a update to anyone searching this in the future.

I ended up going to a doctor, and he said that one leg is shorter then the other and that i need a shoe insert to fix it.... this is crap tho. He didnt speak much English since im in Germany now and he didnt understand what i was trying to say. But a few days later i tried another doctor who spoke great English, and he said to know for sure i would need a xray. But it could just be muscles are torn or something is out of place and said to just try to get light exercise and warming pads to see if it gets better if not come back and get xrays.

So I took a week off of school because sitting at a desk was almost impossible for more then a hour. It would cause pain in my thighs or around that area and lower back of course and i was unable to focus on anything else. i found a 220 euro flight and hotel to a warm area here in Europe because i didnt want to sit at home and the warmth is the best thing yet and i figured id try some swimming and such.

It didnt feel any better after the vacation was over, if anything it felt worse, maybe because the walking and awesome hotel bed you get for so cheap. But either way, i tried school again. Left the 1st day early and missed the 2nd day. Got some ibuprofen and it seems to help, but yet not really.

Anyways today is the best i have felt. I have noticed my body/chest is more back in place to where it should be and im able to stand straighter again. Still doing a sit up motion is painful. Besides laying or reclining i still feel good when walking. The worst is standing still or sitting at a desk or restaurant. Although too much walking causes pain in muscles i didnt even know existed and i think tendons also.

But thanks for the responses and ill keep updating it every so often till its fully better or i get a answer.