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Back pain with spinalstanosis, DDD, Narowing of the spine , Bulging disk and A l-5 ,S-1 no disk

Started by Meljane1 on 03/26/2010 3:21pm

I am a 28 year old female and for 19 years I have had back problems. It runs in my family . the best treatment I have found so far is a coreset still back brace. I have to have a test done where the pain managment clinic sticks needles in my back to see if it is the bone that is causeing the pain or the disk. I dont know much about this proceger but I have heard that it is painful. Does any one know about this and can some one tell me what happens. I am trying everything else before surgery b-c I am so young that I think back surgery will cause more harm then good right now what are your thoughts on this ? I have DDD,spinal stenosis, and herniated disk

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You are too young to have this happen to you! You say it is heriditary, so what has your other family members done and what worked for them? A discogram is a way of proving that the pain is caused at the site they believe is the cause. It will re-create the pain so be ready for that. I can not lie to you, tt will hurt and make you feel worse for the next few days (have meds ready). I don't understand this barbaric practice, but I suppose they do need to make sure it is from the right place before they do surgery. It does hurt, but you can do it and get over it, too.

I would try 1) Physical therapy - think long term - for life. 2) exercise and keep healthy 3)biofeedback may help you retrain the brain signals 3) minimally invasive procedures such as what this web site discusses. Some people do well with laser surgery. Others do not. Also 4) invasive surgery as a resort. My sister had fusion of her lumbar L3-5 and she said she would never do it again, but 5 months later was feeling so good that she changed her mind on that! Then less than one year later the disc above the fusion started deteriorating so it is not for everyone. She now has to have another fusion.
5) I would get at least 3 opinions before that kind of surgery.

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I was 31 when mine started, DDD etc but it wasn't caught until I was 45 years old. A little too late but I had a child in between that time, who is a joy and you can have a semi-normal life with pain management. Although I can't do things like other people, I find ways to do special things for and with my son. My husband is supportive and I thank God for him. My mother helps me too. So I am blessed and I think you are too, because you have family who understand what you are going through.

Keep researching and investigating, thoroughly and take time to consider your choices. It is different for everyone but I know how it feels - you will do nearly anything to get rid of the pain. I know that feeling, but please make sure you get opinions from experts prior to invasive surgery.

Take care and God Bless!


iam 49 yr .a female.I pray daily because i know God is watching over me. I had back surgey in 1993.i had herniated disc.hitting a nerve. in 2005 i had to retire due to more problem with back. doc deniedme surgery .he said i woudnt be able to walk. so I live with this pain. on and off .I have a machine to shock pain which it dont help it,. i have to take meds..i had needle stuck in my back in 2006,they called it nerve block. i had them done 2 month straight. no relief. then dr tell me. I have had back problem to long. i go to pain manangement. i tell u back pain aint no joke.i have DDD.Bulging disc,lower back pain l4 ,L5 is gone. from surgery.Some time it bring tears to my eyes.Everyone is different. They have a lot more techinology now than they did when i had surgery. i also have arthur in back.Everyone out there that know what back pain is all about iam praying for you. ihave been there and still going thru every since 1993.