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Spinal Cord Stimulation

Started by toots on 03/26/2010 10:02pm

I have had two back sugeries: laminectomy L1 thru Si and a laminotomy at L 2, L3 aon L4. None of which have solved my leg pain. Now I am told I have two choices, either a spinal fusion or try a implanted stimulator to ease the leg pain. Has anyone had such a proceedure and has it helped with the back or leg pain? Thanks for your help. Toots

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i had a stimulator done in july09.it was done for low back pain mostly.it has taken several adjustments and it has helped with controling my pain. and some light pain in the rt leg. i was skeptical at first but it has worked for me.


I am 6 months post-op from a discectomy/fusion with instrumentation L2-S. I am still having back/leg pain that has increased the last 3 months to the point of needing a cane and a serious increase in pain medication. A CT scan shows a bone spur that cannot be removed-the bone spur is compressing the nerve root. An EMG shows damage to the L5-S1nerve root.This is AFTER I went thru the surgery! Knowing what I know now...I would not have had the extensive surgery that I had. I was not offered a choice like the spine stimulator...I was told that the degenerative disc disease had progressed to the point that I was bone on bone that was starting to autofuse-crooked.


Hello Toots -

I am on day 3 of a trial SCS implant. I can tell you that the stimulator does help lesson the pain that the meds do not cover (especilly in my leg which is the most extensive region of my pain). I won't lie though, the surgical pain from the implant was rather extensive, but it is amazing the amount of mobility I have not with the implant. Before, I was limited to a caine to get around, and now I do not require the use. I am leaning towards the permanent implant, as the stories I have read on this site with respect to fusions, etc... lead me to believe that it would not solve my issue, and is an irreversible procedure. Please continue to research.Check out Medtronic. They are the manufacturer of the implant I have. Good luck. Let us each pray for us all. Pain is something that we have to deal with, but hope each & every one of us finds relief somewhere.

God Bless,