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Exercises to heal a bulging disc

Started by misstiffee on 03/31/2010 3:08pm

I was wondering if I bulging disc will even heal and if there are exercises that will reverse the process.. I am in desperate need of some answers.. I just want some relief. Tiff

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The answer depends upon where your bulging disc is: Some advice below

From an article on site on bulging disc in the neck:

Statistically, about half of bulging and herniated discs heal within six months after they occur—and only roughly 10% ever need surgery. So non-surgical treatments for your cervical bulging disc will likely be enough to reduce your pain—and thankfully, you can do many of these treatments yourself.

Under the supervision of your physician, these treatment methods can be utilized at home or with the assistance of a therapist:

* Cervical pillow: A proper pillow will not only help improve your quality of sleep but also aid in giving your neck the support and position it needs to heal.
* Herbal remedies: If you prefer to take a natural approach to medications, there are a wide variety of herbal supplements available to help your pain. You can apply capsaicin cream, for example, which temporarily reduces pain.
* Ice and moist heat: Ice should be applied in a towel for 15-20 minutes, two to three times daily on the area of pain. Heat should be applied in later stages of treatment.
* Over the door traction: This treatment has been shown to be very effective in helping relieve pain and muscle spasms. Normally a 5 or 10 pound weight is used. Special care should be taken when this therapy is being administered.
* Range of motion exercise: These exercises allow your neck to undergo full range of motion. This helps prevent stiffness from developing and also helps to strengthen the important muscles in the neck.

Also try this article: Physical Therapy for Herniated Discs

And this video of exercises for a herniated disc: Video Series: Exercises for Herniated Disc