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Can I develop a 6mm synovial cyst on my lumbar spine after herniated disk at C5-C7?

Started by jac67 on 05/16/2010 7:01am

I.m a nurse, and in December 2009, I was pulling a patient up in bed, when I felt a sharp pain in my upper back/neck area and some low back pain. At first, I ignored it, but couple days later, I ended up with neck stifness and pain radiating from my neck , shoulder, and down my right arm - along with numbness and tingling. I went to my primary doctor sent me to ge an MRI which showed a hernited disk at C6-C7. I started with physical therapy and pain medication, but then I developed progressive weakness in my right arm and shoulder along with increased pain. So, in March 2010, I agreed to Diskectomy and Fusion surgery. Prior to my surgery, I was complaining to my doctor about the low back pain now radiating down my right leg. He said he would do the surgery first then deal with that afterwards. Well, surgery was successful - arm weakness and pain decreased considerably , but persistent dull aching behind my neck - stil, compared to my pre-surgery condition, my neck feels better. However, my low back pain became worse with pain going down both legs, but now the left leg has that "fallen asleep" sensation. I went for another MRI and it showed a 6MM Synovial Cyst at L4-L5 on the right side. Can this be retlated to my herniated disk injury? Anyone with similar experience???

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