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Spinal Fusions, spinal stenosisdegenerative disc disease. surgery

Started by Zena_Delaney on 06/03/2010 1:32am

i have to have a surgery where they are going to fuse me with cadavar bone from the C1 to the T4 i am trying to get in touch with any one who might have had any thing even remotely similar. You can also reach me at flying_butterfly18@yahoo.com i am very scared and i can not seem to find any resources

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Hi Zena, I have had 2 fusion surgeries done, "anterior" Plates and screws and "posterior" rods and wire from c4-c7 ..but my sugeries seems very minute and very small surgery compared to what they want to do with you, thats alot of fusion...Im not sure how many different opinions you have received, but I would get atleast 3-4 of them..I dont regret having mine, Id rather try to fix the problem than just deal with the symptoms with all the pain meds and other bologny...I will say that If you are not comfortable and or have faith in "him/her" doctor then you should keep looking...You are puting your life in that persons hands and you have to have that trust...If you read through the blogs on this site you will see that alot of us are alike, and some have had great success while others not so good...It can be scary but you have to just think positive...GL to you ...Larry


i am a firm believer in second opinions. i had a posterior laminectomy from C2 -C6. my first neurosurgeon wanted to plate my neck all the way down. I would never have been able to turn my head again, and faced the possibility of more surgeries in the future. The second opinion surgeon agreed with the diagnosis as well as the laminectomy, however, his approach was to use the lamina bone he removed for the fusion. I went with the second opinion surgeon, and am so glad i did! because they took the lamina off of 4 levels it took three surgeries to stabilize my spine, but my neurosurgeon used rods and screws in the back and one plate from the front. I have almost full range of motion in my neck, and i won't be a quad. good luck to you!


Hi Zena,
did you have your surgery? How are you feeling? Please let us know how you're doing. Sam