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Thoracic leminectomy - Intradural arachnoid cyst

Started by Robert.NET on 06/06/2010 8:30am


on 04/02/2009 a thoracic (hemi)laminectomy was performed at T3-T4.
The reason was a large intradural arachnoid cyst with spinal cord compression, blocking of the CSF fluid, strong back pain, neurologic deficits.

After the surgery I felt much more better, although I had a spinal hygrome for many weeks.
Underhttp://www.dettmann.net/images/th.sagittal.090421.01.png andhttp://www.dettmann.net/images/th.axial.090421.01.png you can see the results post-operative.
About the level of T3-T4 the spinal cord had an anterior-posterior diameter up to 6.5mm.

Since months again I got growing back pain, I feel high pressure in the back and head, and now I have a spinal ataxia, mild neurologic deficits.
The new MRI from 05/27/2010 underhttp://www.dettmann.net/images/th.sagittal.100527.01.png andhttp://www.dettmann.net/images/th.axial.100527.01.png shows us a spinal cord compression, the current diameter has about two thirds of the previous diameter.
Furthermore there is a dural sac herniation through the bone defect from the laminectomy.
In the internet I can't found cases with such images.

Has anyone seen anything like this?
Is then more known about this defect?

Kind regards,


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I had two procedures done in 2009 one was removal of an arachnoid cyst on my spine. It was at level T1-T7. I am now having symptoms of severe pain which wasn't my symptom at the time of surgery. It's weird I have severe pain that feels like it's pushing from my thoracic spine into my chest wall. I experience pain in my chest throat that hurts so bad and lasts for quite a bit of time. I at that time had a cervical laminectomy and it was needed as my spine was being compressed in two areas. This caused compression of my spinal fluid. I also had two lumbar laminectomies L4-5 in 1985 and 1988. Both times the disc caused protrusion which caused major pain. I went decades before they found my arachnoid cyst. They were unable to remove all of the arachnoid cyst as it would of caused neurological damage to remove all of it. Since I had the surgery in 2009 I now live with chronic pain which wasn't present before surgery. My symptoms were numbness lack of feeling in my legs balance issues which I still have. I also have lack of feeling in my left leg and foot. Now with this new pain in the chest that radiates from my thoracic spine through my chest makes me wonder if the arachnoid cyst in my spine has grown back in size. I am having a MRI in August that was scheduled due to pain that I felt was increasing but this new chest pain I have not reported to my pain doctor yet. It's only been happening for about a week. My question is can a spinal cyst like this cause chest wall pain? Did my arachnoid cyst grow back? I was told it could grow back but that the chances of that we're slim. If anyone is having these type of issues please let me know. I looking for input from anyone who can offer advice. Thanks