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5 months post op L4-S1 fusion

Started by richard21040 on 06/15/2010 10:21am

I'd like a little feedback if possble from anyone that has been in my situation. Double ALIF with hardware (2 plates and 8 screws, BMP gel inserts. At 3 montsh I showed no fusion, but thats not the issue I am dealing with. Since then My pain has been increasing steadly. The first few months I felt as if everything was perfect...pain was down and numbness in left leg also gone.
Unfortunatly and for no aparent reason, my pan levels have increased dramaticly n the last 6-8 weeks. Although the pain and numbness in my leg are gone, I am again getting some minor shooting pains but my back and buttocks are the real issue. Increases pain levels have brought me to a hault on my walking...now limiting myself to @1mile a day when 3 monts back i was easily walking 2-3miles.
I went to see my pain mgt Dr last week. He increased my morphine and said to give it time. When I asked if it was normal what I was experiancing, he responded no but its not abnormal and that I will probaly need "injections" aain both epidural as well as multiple facet.
Am I wrong to worry? I just want my life back. I want to camp and hike, I want to be able to hold my 3yr old baby again.
ANY insite anyone may have would be greatly apreciated.

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I don't know much about fusions have been through a diskectomy. But rather than the pain mgt doc, you should see your surgeon and they should have a new set of XRAYS/MRI/CT scans done to ensure all is well in there.

Stay positive, all will be well.


At my 3 month followup, i showed no fusion but all hardware seems intact according to the neuro surgen


I wanted to ask you about your at home care since your surgery. Did you need any care from Aides and for how long?


Hi Richard,

I had a L2-L3 fusion 4/2018. We also decompressed L5-S1 hoping to release the stenosis without having to fuse. The decompression just made those segments more unstable - feeling like my spine would collapse if I didn’t hold it together. I had a lot of muscle cramping in that area and radiating pain down both legs. When it got really bad 11/2018 My surgeon ordered a MRI and my back was a hot mess! Two vertebra had shifted back (retrolisthesis) and one forward (spondylitis), a ruptured disc, a spinal cyst had formed from leakage from the first surgery and was pressing on my spinal cord, and the whole L4-S1 had inflammation. The L2-L3 fusion site looked great though.

I wanted it fixed! So we did the big surgery I had originally tried to avoid - Fusion L2-S2. 1/3/2019 (9 months after my first surgery).

I am 3 weeks post op and soooo happy! My spine feels so secure and all my radiating pain is gone. I’d say at 6 months out I’d want my surgeon to take another look and make sure nothing in there is causing your pain and that it’s just part of the healing. And, if it is just healing then you know and you need a new pain management and PT plan. You shouldn’t have to live with this much pain!

Good Luck!