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Six months Post-Op double fusion

Started by richard21040 on 07/19/2010 1:11pm

Well it's been just about six mnths since I had my double fusion L4-S1. Not so happy with the results. I will say that it is nce that my leg and foot are no longer numb but my back pain is as bad if not worse than before. My Dr at three montsh saw no fusion at all in my back, keeping my fingers crossed that next weeks X-ray sows different. Anyone else have this issue?

A month back I actually began to feel a bit more mobile, still having issues walking for any amount of time and sittin in a chair...not the best thing. Now about 3 weeks ago I began having the "hot knife" pains again. This time more localized in my left calf (almost exactly where my leg was numb). I would be lying if I said I didn't care and that I felt it was normal but I dont and to be honest it really worries me, as over the corse of the last few weeks the duration and frequency is increasing daily.

Time goes on and nex Thursday I will seee my surgon again. Wish me luck.

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thanx Hakonson I apreciate the information. I saw my neuro-surg on thurs last week and he wants to try facet blocks...if they dont work after a few trys then he is taking about more surgery, spacers and clamps to hold the back in place while the existing plates stabalize my front side.
I'm already for the inj ut if they dont work maybe I can try this before they ut me again
thanx I apreciate the input and will keep u up to speed