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Spinal Fusion L-4 L-5,Pain Right sided.

Started by dancerwing on 07/25/2010 5:59pm

I had 2 spinal fusions, the first done in 2008, and bone graft done as well. I have the rods and cage as well. 8 months after the first spinal fusion a scond was done. Problem w/the hardware inside. they put in new. And now the past few years, pain on right side of body. My leg feels so heavy and useless, pain on lower right side goes down to leg, i limp when i walk. Am I alone? Anyone else? Advice? I'm in tears. If This will b my life, i dont want it!!!.

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What part of the country do you live in? You definitely need help. I have worked, and continue to work, all over the country (and in other countries) in Operating Rooms and Surgical Clinics.
You MUST know someone on the "inside" to find a compitent surgeon.
Tell me what city you are near, and I can point you in the right direction.
Jake 772-485-0585


Hi dancerwing,

I have a double fusion in 2007 with a flexible fusion at L3-L4 and solid fusion at L4-5, L5-s1. I did rather well until about 6 months(compared to the pain I had before the surgery) or so after the surgery. Lots of issues with PT swelling and bruising in my lower back and pain in my left leg. finally had hardware removed in May 2009 since the flexible fusion was recalled and defective(and it broke). Dr told me nothing was wrong with me- after hardware removal despite MRI that showed excessive scar tissue wrapped around verve roots..he said it was all in my head and to try some meditation. Well I found a new doctor and he finally knows whats wrong with me. I have Archnoiditis- this is where the scare tissue is excessive and the nerve roots grow or clump together...pain all the time on heavy narcs...not much help. If you have terrible pain have the doc check for Arachnoiditis...no cure only pain pump or spinal cord stimulator...I'm gonna try the spinal cord stimulator because I don't want the drugs..don't work and only temp fix when drugs stop working and the dosage gets increased and then they change the drug to something else!! Hope you find out what the issue is for you...don't quit until you get results..I've been at it 5 years!!