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Nerve damage

Started by ALIUSIA on 07/29/2010 10:40pm

Please help
Nerve damaged and paralyzed my leg, a lot pain, electrical sensation... all was happen after open back surgery

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Hi Aliusia, I have read several of your posts on different discussions. I just wondered what you had surgery for, and how long ago etc... some of what I have read sounds like me as well.
I had a severe 2 cm Herniation at L5S1, and it was about 2 years ago. I had a discectomy surgery and it really did not give me immediate relief. I walked and did water therapy and it was hard, but it seemed to get a little better each day. I reached a point after about 15 months, where I felt like I had reherniated or stretched out the nerve. I have been dealing with problems now for about 11 months. I have had recommendations to do a fusion surgery, another decompressive surgery, and now I have a doctor that has started giving me Gabapentin and a anti depressant, and pain pills. He seems to think another surgery would be iffy...I had a Transforaminal epidural about a month ago, seemed to help some, then today I had another. I have a very bad pain in my ankle and my foot. The pain is from my back all the way down to the bottom of my foot. My foot feels cold a lot of the time, I try to continue with walking and light activities, nothing big or heavy....I cannot get him to give me a diagnosis or a prognosis.....and yet I continue to work with him. I do have some scar tissue, but he does not seem to think it is excessive, or so I think. I gather from my visits with him that it is due to having a severe Herniation, and they cannot just look at the nerve. I have had a MRI and a myelogram, requested by the 2 previous doctors, and I don't think anything looks really bad. I have asked for nerve testing, or another MRI, and yet he seems to think what good would that do, I feel like I have some stenosis symptoms, with little stamina on my feet, relieve at sitting and usually sleep well.
Write back, and tell us what has happened to you.