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Can a slip and fall cause severe lumbar degenerative disease???

Started by gavinzmom on 08/06/2010 2:35pm

I had a slip and fall at a grocery store in the end of March this year. I went to urgent care the day after. They gave me a shot in tailbone area (thats what I fell on) and muscle relaxers. The end of April I was seen by a doctor out of state that prescribed norco 325-750. The pain wasn't too bad until about the past month-month and a half. I went to a regular doctor this week and had a x-ray done. Today they called with the results being severe lumbar degenerative disease L5 to S1. Is this a condition that is caused by a slip and fall or did the slip and fall cause trama to it? Any advice would help. I contacted a attorney today and it seems I have waited too long for xray to be done. Could the shot the urgent care gave me have masked the pain? Is the pain something that creeps up on you. Thanks in advance for any info or advice.....

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From what I understand about degenerative diseases is that they "grow" and what I mean by that is you could have had the degeneration going on and getting worse everyday for years and just didn't notice it until you landed hard enough to irritate it.

I have Degenerative Disc Disease and didn't know it until 4-5 years ago when I felt a warm burning sensation that grew to a sharp, stabbing pain a few days later. I was only sitting on the floor folding laundry, so I believe that it just happens and doesn't need a fall or injury to act up and let you know that you have problems.

Do you know what kind of shot they gave you in the tailbone? They may have given you a nerve block which would have worn off at about two to three months, which is about the right time frame for you. If you are lucky the nerve blocks will work for you and you could put off anything major for years.

I personally think that you need to have a MRI done to really make sure you don't have more than just the degenerative disease going on. The MRI would show in depth if you actually broke anything in your back when you fell. They can tell with a mri about how long ago it would have happened by the degree of arthritis that may have set in any break area.

Alot of us have DDD and know about it, but there are alot more out there that don't know they have it because it hasn't bothered them yet.

I understand your pain and hope you get to the root of your pain! Keep us informed!

God Bless,



Thanks for your response Wendi. My doctor has scheduled a MRI for this Tuesday. I just have to see what my out of pocket cost is to insure I can keep appointment. I will keep let you know how it goes. Thanks again!! ;-)