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Pain management vs. Surgery..??? Lots of Questions please help!!

Started by Sarah3018 on 08/13/2010 11:06am

I am 31 year old female and have been off of work for almost a year now, and my doctor just switched my pain medication to morphine sulfate CR 15 mg twice per day. Anyone know anything about this medication, side effects or problems??? . And I have been seeing a pain management specialist that my primary doctor sent me to. But we are on the 3rd injection, first 2 were regular epedurals with cortizone, and the third one was a lumbar block. And after each injection while I am sedated after the procedure I am in nopain. But as soon as it wears off I am in more pain then before! They are having me do another MRI and my primary doctor wants me to talk to a surgeon.
I have a herniated disc in the l5/s1 area which is causing massive nerve damage and have other disc I now causing problems now too.
I am worried because both doctors can't agree on what's next.
My pain mamagement doctor wants to do another injection and then wants to do RF.
And my primary doctor says that obviously the injectims aren't working and wants me to go see a back surgeon just to see what my options are.
Any advice would be excellent, and have you haf back surgery before? What's the recovery timeline?
Should I continue to have these injections done? Can they eventually cause damage??
I would appreciate any feedback on this!!!

Thank you,

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I know that nerve damage can be permanent if it's not taken care of so I suggest you see a orthopediac surgeon that specializes in L5-S1 herniations - teaching hospitals usually are a great resourse. Check out my othe responses and it may help you get on the right track. Best luck!!


I have gotten injections but they are in my neck. I feel like im going to DIE after them I was told its normal for a day or 2. After the first few days I do see relief but I just had my 4th one and it doesnt seem to of worked. I am in the same boat as you are with treatment only I dont think my meds are as strong as yours as im just on Loratab. it doesnt seem to work well enough.I was told by my specialist that YES they can cause damage he just now informed me of this too. He stated if you have too many or have them too close together is can cause more and faster degeneration of disks ect as well as weight gain. I feel like either way im screwed and lost on what to do myself.


Get the surgery done yesterday. If it is causing massive nerve damage, it will be permanent if you do not get it decompressed immediately. Injections will do nothing but line the doctors pocket. Get into the surgeon now. They can do a laproscopic surgery leaving a tiny incision, and relieve the pressure. The longer you wait, the longer the odds are it will be permanent.