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How do you drop weight/exercise

Started by backhurtsinthisarea on 08/15/2010 9:36am

I see a lot of people on this forum who are in pain and need help.

The issue of weight seems to be a much bigger issue for us guys than for the women, but I am wondering how do you, or do you take off the weight.

I gained 40 pounds in 3 months from Lyrica a few years ago and haven't taken it off. All Dr's are saying well get that off you will be better, I agree, but can't even do the simplest yoga, walking as you all know hurts so bad (heck even a trip to the store and pushing the cart 100 feet puts me almost in tears)

Taking medicine and then trying to exercise seemed like a good idea until you start to do anything physical and the pain gets so bad.

I've tried Sardo's books, yoga, stretching, watching what I eat, etc.
There is a program under a Docs supervision which is a combination of medicine and diet, but of course it's not covered by my insurance. Is this something to talk to PCP about. I hate to say is there ANOTHER pill I can get to lose weight (but it was a pill which caused me to gain it, AND quite funny how on the side effects list weight gain was at the bottom and now has move it's way up google Lyrica and weight gain, its awful what that does.). I would exercise, but can't take the pain.

Any suggestions.

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I reduced my sodium intake to less than 2000mg /day
Breakfast: Oatmeal w/milk, juice, eggs
Lunch: Steamed Veggies and a sandwich
Smoothie in the evening
Dinner: Soup, Fruits

Portions were small, made me hungry but i managed to overcome that challenge.

Was at 200 lbs 60 days, now at 180 lbs.

You can do it.


Thanks for the reply.

So you ate the same thing every day?


Well, not the same stuff but variations.

For breakfast oatmeal stays! Juice varies, add a couple of wheat toasts at times.

Veggies vary, there are tons of them.

Smoothies vary there are multiple options to choose from.

there are times I get fed up, I pamper myself with junk food BUT in limited portions.

I guess its a choice between pain and self control, I'd prefer control since I have seen the hospital twice 2 months back.

I try exercising (stretches) once a day and walk as much as possible.

There are times when the pain is going higher, we just need to listen to out body.

I've tried steroid shots, acupuncture, homeopathy, allopathy and now herbal meds... I don't know what worked and what did not, but I gave up of the allopathic meds, they were driving me crazy.


Thank you for the reply.

I read lots of posts where people say lose weight, lose the big belly, etc. I want to lose the weight I have, just walking down the street hurts so badly, there is very little at this point I can see to do.


I soak in a steaming hot bath for about an hour and then do my yoga. Steroids can also put on the pounds fast I have found but there is no way around that in my case. If someone else has a good answer I would love to hear it! I do know that swimming isn't to bad on me as far as the pain after. So not bad as far as exercise.


I have 40 or so pounds to lose and just recently got back most recent CT results. Started another thread for opinions on what it means. Used to only be L5-S1

CT Results. Lumbar Spine without Contrast
Transitional S1 anatomy with mild disc degeneration at L5 S1 but no herniation or impingement

Subtle annular bulging L3-L4 and L4-L5 with no significant bony canal stenosis or descending impingement.

Mild facet degeneration L5-S1 with inferior foarminal narrowing but no exiting impingement identified.
__________________________________________ _____________________________

CT Thoracic Spine without contrast

Mild multilevel disc degeneration most prominent T6-7 and T7-8 without bony canal compromise within the thoracic spine

No compression deformity within the thoracic spine with dorsal column stimulator leads extending to the level of T8 appear intact.


To: backhurtsinthisarea- I THINK, at least I have been TOLD, that it just is normal aging. Which....I hate!!!!
To: ANYBODY!!!!! I have gained, now, over 50lbs. from Prednisone. Pretty much ALL of it is in the BELLY!!! OR- more properly- the Omentum (sp). I HAVE to take at least 10mg./day of this EVIL, yet life-saving med. Disheartening to read that Lyrica, which I JUST started, causes WEIGHT GAIN!!!!! The steroids have RUINED, or- as my Dr. says-"eaten up" my body. My bones!!!! ANY suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! :) Becky


This is the very question that has been bothering me I am 50 lbs overweight and 60 yrs
I have had pain for the last several months(4) one doctor is recomending steoriod.Here folks are saying that you gain weight with steriod and weight is an enemy for spine problem(realized very late) so this is a catch 22 situation besides the doctor easily say you reduce weight i can berely walk how can i do any work out
Another dr recommends Hylagen besides him no one has heard about it
is there a solution
(pl excuse my english as it is not the language i speak)


Hi there!! YES- the Steroids WILL cause weight gain!! Partly, because it INCREASES your appetite, (makes you HUNGRY!!), and ESPECIALLY- it causes you to crave CARBOHYDRATES-starchy/fatty foods, fried foods. And, secondly, it causes any weight that you DO gain-goes to an area of your body named the "Omentum". In other words, there is NO WAY to get RID of this fat, because it CANNOT be reached by Liposuction, and it can't be "burned off" by excersize. (sp-sorry!) It puts the fat UNDER the other organs. Ick, right? As far as I KNOW, there is NOTHING that will get rid of this fat- and, NO, you can't remove the Omentum, because it HOLDS your intestines in place!!!! SO....what to do??? DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE CRAVINGS!!!! AND- EXCERCISE (sp!) AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!! TRY Isometrics!!That's what I do rt. now, as I have a broken rt. Hip, and a permanently broken Vertebrae in my Lumbar Spine. I'm also just mysteriously MISSING 2 Vertebrae. Don't know WHERE THEY went, lol!! AND- have 12 other Herniated Discs. SO- it's Isometrics for ME (squeezing/ tightening various Muscle Groups). Good luck!!! I have NO choice but to take Steroids, so I just don't eat much at all.BUT- I AM ALSO NOT BURNING MANY CALORIES, SO I DON'T NEED TO EAT MUCH. SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP, IS TO NOT EAT ANYTHING PAST 6:00PM. PERIOD. IF YOU GO TO BED EARLIER, THEN JUST DON'T EAT PAST AROUND 5:00. **THIS IS ALL JUST MY OPINION, AND BASED UPON HAVING TO TAKE SEVERAL HORRIFIC DRUGS THAT CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN FOR OVER 10 YRS. Sorry about the Cap Lock! :) Take Care-let me know how you are doing!! :) I care!! And- I'm going to ask my Dr.s about the Medicine that YOU mentioned!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! Keep your chin up!! :) Becky


Eat the rainbow....and I don't mean skittles. Work to eat 7 colorful fruits/veggies/beans a day. Concentrate on adding these foods and eating them before you eat anything else. Do NOT drink juice or smoothies as they are high calorie and will not fill you up like eating the fruit will. Drink water. Move your body every day and work on moving more every day. Every little bit helps and the more you move the less you will hurt and the more you will be able to do. Swimming or walking in water is great as it decreases the impact on your bones.
Take a vitamin D supplement and glucosamine chondrytin. Take a fish oil supplement. Use olive oil or other natural fats (not too much, but you do need some fat in your diet). Try taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day. All of these things will help. Even a 5-10 pound wt loss can make a big difference.