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cervical disk problem and low back pain 4 failed back surgeries.

Started by bowdeen on 08/16/2010 6:35am

I am 51 yr. old male and have been through just about everthing with my back and neck so i feel for every one out there who suffers from pain issues.I had my last back surgery march 09 a axia-lif which did not work i am now stuck with three screws in my back wanting them removed my dr.who put them there wants to remove and put different one there i am afraid of this most people that i have talked to who have had stenosis surgery have alot of problems with this and on top of that i have cervical disk problem with spurs.I am needing disk replacement but blue cross want cover cost and having to get attorney to fight them with is crazy so i found a dr. who does prolotherrapy injections for joint problems and it has a good track record so all of you out there with back and neck issues might want to try this i am going for second treatment sep.1 it takes up to 6 so you have to be patient.

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