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I don't know

Started by kimmy68 on 08/17/2010 4:39pm

I had surgery in 10/03 on my C5-C6 herniated disc that was on my spinal cord. Since then, I've had numerous periods of time over the years with BOTH LEGS' hamstrings, calves, and feet cramping and major twitching/tingling in the same. Also my right arm/hand aches/tingles and has felt numb and weak, but now my left is beginning to ache and feel prickly as well. I have neck and low back spasms, although lumbar mri from a year ago only showed bulging discs. Neck mri from same time (9/09)showed some sc compression and bulging discs and reversed lordotic curve (sp?). The last few months have been much rougher than normal. I'm going to see a neurosurgeon at Mayo in Arizona next week. I am more worried that he's going to send me on my way and tell me to live with it than I am worried about having a surgery (don't yell at me, I'm just sick of this). I find walking difficult --and I used to run and workout in a gym. I don't want to live like this, but then I read others' forums of much worse issues. Is this Mayo visit going to be a waste of time for me? Am I to be peeing on myself before I see someone about surgery? I am getting worse. I've been living with it but my life's been changed--no movies or church because I can't sit very long at all. Exercise (even increased activity) makes me worse. I am worried about my visit next week being a bomb--any advice? Any ideas what is wrong with me? BTW I'm in fairly good health and am not overweight. I take oxycodone and flexiril when I can't stand it anymore. Ultram and Robaxin do nothing for me.

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First, I am not a physician or surgeon. I am a patient with the experience of 3-major spinal surgeries (plus a few others) hoping for one more, soon. The hand and arm issues you're describing -- according to my experience --seem like nerve damage from your C5-6 surgery. Its easy to occur because that area transits nerves from your hands, arms, and shoulders. That you describe leg and lumbar issues indicates something else going on. I would encourage you to have a complete -- and not inexpensive -- workup done at a major orthopedic surgical center such as UC-San Francisco, Washington U. in St. Louis, or at Midwest Orthopedics in Chicago. I doubt you will be peeing yourself. I DO completely understand the social issues caused by your pain. Even with a high pain tolerance, I take hydrocodone (10/325) several times a day with Flexeril as a backup for sleeping. Like you, Ultram and Robaxin have no affect on me. Do not accept your pain, but carefully consider who might want to perform surgery! There are not that many qualified spinal surgeons out there -- most if not all will be found at universities and their teaching hospitals. In addition to the centers I mentioned, there is Hospital for Special Surgeries in NYC, Jefferson in Philadelphia, Uni of Miami in Florida. Go for it!!!