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Collapsed verts due to steroids

Started by Mr. Chris Barrett on 08/21/2010 11:20pm

I have lower spine osteoporotic collapsed vertabrae due to having to take bucket loads of steroids for my asthma. I used to be wheelchairbound due to the asthma, the osteoporotic pain and the fact that I was taking so much pain relief, I was two thirds asleep for most of the time.I was taking Morphine, Tramadol and Fentanyl Patches and having pain relieving epidurral injections . I have since, in the last 6 years managed to get out of my wheelchair and literally 'get back on my feet' again. I I am now working full-time, driving and living a generally more full (bad english I know) life.
Recently I have started experiencing severe pelvic pain and also severe pain due to Sciatica down my right leg. To top it off I have now got a stress fracture of a bone in my right foot, due to, as the doctor who saw me at A and E, said it was due to the way I have been walking to counteract the pain in my pelvis and my leg!!!!
I am very concerned as I am now on Fentanyl patches and Tramadol again . Plus a new drug (to me anyway) called Gabapentin. The pain I am experiencing is only barely lessened by the Pk's I am taking. I am drowsy and constipated plus various other side effects from the PK's but still in a great deal of pain. I am also very concerned that my Osteoporosi may be flairing up again due to the fact that it didnt take much to stress fracture a bone in my foot. I am due to have a Dexa scan in September and to be referred to the Palliative Care centre at my local hospital very soon.

Very annoyed, upset, digruntled, anxious and worried of South Wales Uk. I would value your feeback, views and ideas folks

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