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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

Pain Numbness and electrical current feelings in right lower leg and foot after spinal fusion

Started by msbella66 on 08/22/2010 3:37pm

I am 5 weeks post l5s1 spinal fusion. I began with these symptoms about a week after surgery. My dr sent my for a nerve conduction study and emg test last week, which he said showed some l5 nerve damage, but didn't go into any in depth discussion.....almost just brushed over it. I had been taking Neurontin, but did not help. I am now waiting for my insurance co to approve Lyrica. In the meantime, this is driving me crazy! I know the best thing I can be doing is walking to help my back, but can hardly make it to the bathroom and back without extreme pain. I think the electrical impulses that I am getting are the worst.......sometimes so strong they make me jump. Anyone else having or had anything like this? Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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Hey Autumn, I have a complete spinal cord injury and have no feeling or movement from the chest down, so our situations are different. But I also have the feeling you're talking about, and was taking Lyrica for a couple months. I had many side affects from Lyrica and decided to stop taking it, they included depression, lack of motivation, problems with short term memory and mood swings. My friends and family were very happy to see the old me once it was out of my system. Just wanted to share that with you, talk to your doc about it. Good luck : )