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will nerve pain ever go away?

Started by Tinker on 08/25/2010 4:52pm

I was diagnose with ddd four years ago. I had fusion at L4-L5 in Nov of 06. I was back to playing tennis just months after surgery, but then the pain came back big time. Numbness in thighs. Right foot is always cold and pins and needles going down legs. I had L5-S1 fusion surgery in May of 09. The pain never stopped. May of this year I had the hardware removed and still no relief. Even during these hot summer days I wear a sock on my rt foot beacause it is ice cold to the touch and goes numb often. Nerve test done in Mar of 09 said I had over 50% nerve damage in rt leg due to nerves being pinched for so long. The fusions are good. I do have other discs that have degeneration but do not require surgery at this time.
My question is, will the nerves ever come back and be normal? I broke my back in 1991 and dealt with the degeneration for over ten years before having surgery. I find that I can deal a little better with pain in spine more so then the leg pains. It never stays in the same place. It travels to the knees one day then all the way to the feet the next. I describe it to feel like being stung many time by bees at times then the next I feel like I torn ligaments in my knees.
Do I have to just learn to deal with it? Or can the nerves regenerate? I have seen what others have written and I know I am not alone with this pain. Some days my mental health is worse then physical pain. More then 2 hrs of sleep at a time would be nice.
Any suggestions?

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