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steroid injections

Started by kez81 on 09/07/2010 9:34am

hi im new this i currently have a hurniated disc at l5 irrating the s1 nerve root and the disc is markedly gegenerated and mild stentois forming im not gonna rav on my whole story but i recently had aflare up + i was told 2 try a steriod injection + im booked in 2 c a physco spine speciist 2 try my main question at the moment i would like help on is i just had my injection 2day + i know of someone that has been in so much pain afterwards she was hospitalize in screaming pain i what iv read on here everyone says after having it they wanted 2 die + the painn was so much worse afterwards is this true 4 every1 im so scared that iv done the wrong thing +im gonna bin so much oain especialy since my flair up is just settling down abit im not sure if its any drifferent in america i live in australia i was told that i had an anastep but in with the steriod and after 4-8 hrs it wil wear off it could b abit tender 4 a couple of days so its been 10hrs since shot i can feel abit more pain now i just waitin 4 this pain 2 get worse + im worried that it might cause more pain + 4 what iv read here no1 has said that the injection didnt help much anyway so if this is so why do we told 2 try them thanx 4 lisening 2 me any help would b great its so good 2 b able 2 talk 2 people going through the samething

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