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R more MRI's okay, after fusion w/rods & screws

Started by Intlcamper on 09/09/2010 5:25am

I'm new to this web site but I've reading a LOT of SCI posts where people say they are having another MRI because of pain after they've had spinal fusion with instrumentation (rod & screws inserted). I've been told by Doctors that I can never have another MRI as it would cause me pain (lots?) and that it would / could pull the screws & or rod out, loosen, or other painful things. I'm told only to get a CT scan now.

Is this true? If true, is there any other examine / test that can reveal spine problems better than a CT scan? I had spinal fusion (L4, L5 & S1) in 2009 with cage, rod & screws inserted and still have herniated L3 disc (Dr said to leave it alone), sciatic pain in legs and lower back pain.


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I am interested in the responses to your question, because I am 6 months healed from a seven vertebrae fusion (C3-T2) with rods and screws. Yesterday, my surgeon ordered an MRI on my left shoulder. I am wondering what precautions they can take because I am afraid of the effect of an MRI on my fusion.


I just had a decompression and fusion in the lumbar back. July 22. I was told I had to wait two months before I could have at MRI. It will be on September 28 I will let you know how it goes. Sam


Just read a couple of articles (googling) and they all say it is okay to have another MRI. They do say that it could be a little warm where the rod is located. That if the instrumentation (rod) is titanium, the MRI will have better clarity vice other metals. But all of the articles stated it is not a problem. Also, they said that if the rod is in the foot and the MRI is for the shoulder than it obviously isn't involved in the "scan".

One article:http://www.oif.org/site/DocServer/_Surgery__Rods_and_MRI.pdf?docID=7232

IF someone has contrary information, please let me know.

Now to recontact the VA (Veteran's Affairs) and ask why they would not give me another MRI - - - Hmmmm