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Posted in: Back pain, Scoliosis, and Spondylosis.

degenerative spondalosis

Started by lindasusan on 09/23/2010 12:45pm

hi! my name is lin ive been suffering for the last few years with chronic lower back pain and in my hips ive been diagnosed with spondalosis the doctor has given me Co Codamol for pain releif its okay but ime finding it really difficult to stand for more than few mins and recently my knees are giving me so much pain i sometimes cant climb the stairs.. i would be so gratefull for any advice!!..

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Lin, I have no advice to date. I have just been diagnosed with Spondalosis of the Spine. I was referred to the specialists with test results for my Hips/Legs. Some days can hardly walk. It has gotten really bad here lately. If I had to climb stairs I am not sure what I would do. My knees are ok right now but I feel for you, I know how painful my hips and somedays they feel like they are going to come off. As for my lower and mid back well that is another story. At 45 where is this pain coming from? Wish I could be of more help. I just found this site and am looking for advice myself. Anything to help at this point.


Hi lin and other(I'm sorry I didn't get ur name b4 post comment came up),
I am in the boat right there with u. I suffer day in and day out. I am 45 also. HMMM? What is it that is plaquing us so badly. I mean I am having severe leg pain, especially under the knee. This pain strikes hard and it is debilitating. I feel for anyone that is going through this. So, I will keep u in my prayers..and I ask 4 the same, please.
I have been dx with: DDD of the Cervical,Lumbar,Hip/Joint, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosis,Fibro(in which I believe I have been misdiagnosed there..not sure,but been told that I need my plates removed from a spinal diskectomy of C5-C6 and it supposedly has fused and I have read where they are suppose to take them out period. I don't know what to think @ that. I mean it makes sense, but why go back into a surgery. Are they(the plates,screws),meant to be like a cast or something.
I am sorry that I don't have any information that can benefit you. I am having so much trouble myself that I can barely focus on anything else. I can tell u one thing u already know that this stuff is horrible. It takes all I have some days just to get through the pain. I know there has got to be something that can be done to limit or take away more of the pain that what I am doing now and I have to tell u I am on some strong medicine myself. I have to be the pain is excruciating. It takes my breath it is so bad sometimes...so I can relate to someone who is suffering and feel 4 u too.
I know there is something else I wanted to say, but the neurontin seems to be blocking more than just pain signals...not covering all of that either..:(
I sure hope u get the help u guys need. I am still searching myself. If u hear of anything,please let me know. I would appreciate it so much. May God Bless you and keep you..always..Karen
here's my site. I hope I don't get into trouble. I am just inviting u 2 my blog.
http://skeet65.blogspot.com/ It is just a place to vent or maybe get a laugh @ my life and my family..lol..:))))