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Posted in: Back pain, and Neck pain.

This is driving me crazy !!!

Started by Shannon on 10/03/2010 6:09pm

I'm hoping that someone on here can tell me what is going on with my neck/back. It all started about 2 yrs ago for no apparent reason. I noticed a sensation of something in my throat, like no matter what I did I had to keep swallowing but "it" would still feel like it was there. I went to the doc and she prescribed me pills (suprise, suprise) for acid reflux, which I knew I didn't have. Needless to say I did not fill the script. It is not constant it comes and goes and sometimes it is worse and sometimes not to bad but I think I am just used to it. Well after months of paying real close attention to what's going on I have narrowed it down to a nerve or (something) on the right side of my neck about C3 I think and if i press on it right along the side of the bones kinda on the muscle it alleviates the sensation all together. Unfortunately I can't walk around with my fingers on my neck 24/7. So first of all has anybody experienced the same thing and if so WHAT IS IT ???? and can it be fixed ?????
Thanks Shannon

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Shannon, have you resolved your problem yet because my symptoms sound very similar. Please respond before I go into great detail. Many thanks, Lisa