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ALIF with Rib Removal & a PLIF one week later

Started by Rose Chandler LPN on 10/10/2010 8:19pm

Topic is in regards to total fusion from T12 -S1
I had an ALIF T12-S1( to remove disc/old hardware & place new screws & cages) on 8/31 via the Flank area. Had a rib removed and was told two other ribs had to be bent to heck and back to get to levels T12 & L1-2. The other ribs had to be streched & bent due to the fact I had an XLIF in 2009 at L1-2 they had to get out & had a hard time accessing the area to remove prior cage.
Than on 09/07 (week later) I had a PLIF to place the hardware rods & remaining hardware.

Since teh surgery I have had SEVERE pain in the rib area and it is driving me crazy. I would of thought it might of eased up by now. It gets real tight and feels as if my heart & lungs are getting squeezed beyond belief and at times I become short of breath.

Has anyone had rib removal with other ribs injured during the surgery? And if so how long did your pain last for? Was there anything you did that helped with the pain? Currently I take a lot of jetted HOT baths, hot packs, ace wraps, pain meds without hesitation.
Did you have any complications long term post op at the rib area ?

Are there folks who had both the ALIF & PLIF a week apart? I would love to hear from you & how you are doing.

Overall I think this may be all normal events from the surgeries.
Besides the pain I have areas on my chest about the incision I have NO feeling what so ever. And other areas are just nerve damage and very painful to touch.

The nerve damage extends into my buttocks, thighs & shins. It is so painful when even brushed with a finger. I hate it. I can not take Neurotin nor Lyrica or any NSAID. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thank you for reading and for any insights one might have..

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