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what feels like shock waves, could be ..........?

Started by ppettry2004 on 10/28/2010 3:01pm

I have noticed in the passed 6 months that i have what feels like shock waves coming from my left heel all the way to the base of my neck. It has increased in frequency in the last several weeks. Friday the 22nd of Oct. I had trouble getting out of bed because i had so much neck pain and shoulder pain. What should i do to alleviate the pain? These are the things i have done: 800mg Ibuprofen and ice pack for 15 min intervals. When should i be concerned enough to go to the doctor?

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I'm not trying to alarm you, but I think you should see a neurosurgeon right away. I'll just briefly tell my story: Spinal cord tumor removed in February, 1988; surgeon didn't remove it all because he was concerned about possible nerve damage, so he left a pocket in which spinal cord fluid accumulated. I reached the point where I was getting the "shock waves" you describe from my leg to my back. I had to have another surgery in June 1988, in which the (new) doctor removed the entire tumor. That took care of that intense pain. Again, not trying to alarm you but it sounds like you really need to see a doctor soon.

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Hi, Jan of last year the same thing happen to me, I waited a week to go , to the doctor. My doctor sent me for a xray, when it came back she saw something she didn't like. So she sent me to a pain doctor who did a MRI and when it came back I had a pinch nerve, my friend awhile back had the same thing and she had nerve damage. So, go get it checked ,don't wait, it could be something wrong that need to be taken care of by a specialist. I will pray for you....let me know how you are doing..